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Visit the untouched, unhurried and unexplored Rural and Tribal destinations of India. This vacation be a part of the our rural and tribal tour organized by us and visit local villages and the ethnic tribes in Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Vishakhapatnam, Jeypore, Bastar, Kanker, Darjeeling, Pelling, Kalimpong, Gangtok, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Konark, Puri and Delhi. With our help, you can gain a first-hand experience of the tribal customs and rituals, explore rural/tribal way of living, observe the livelihood, and appreciate the close connection these people have with mother nature. In addition, learn from them the importance of familial ties and the community, and interact with the locals to gain an understanding of their way of thinking, their opinions on life and discuss other topics that might be of mutual interest.

For tourists, this is the best way to get away from their hectic urban lives, and get a closer look at the simple lives of the rural and tribal population. We offer magnificent stays in the luxurious and hill top resorts, personalized guide services, opportunities to explore local tribal markets and so on. We also take our tourists to state built museums, handicraft museum, tribal museum, etc. to make sure that you do not miss on anything

India is the land of multitudinous cultures and diverse ethnic and social classes. According to 2011 census, almost 15% of the total land is occupied by the tribes of India. Few of the popularly known tribes of India are Santhals, Gonds, Bhils, Munda and Khasi. All these tribal people have their own unique culture, tradition, language and lifestyle. Major part of the tribal population is found in Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and North East States also known as The Seven Sister States of India. These tribes are actually the real inhabitants of the regions. It is always interesting to know about the tribal people and their lifestyle. You may Book Tribal Tours in India with us for we have uniquely designed Tribal Tours in India that covers almost all the tribal regions and familiarizes the visitors with their rich heritage and culture.